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Powerline data transmission

The powerline (PLC) modem for medium voltage is our latest product for data and information transmission. It was developed by working closely with energy utilities and therefore matches their requirements perfectly. Our powerline modem closes the transmission gap for medium-range voltage and allows operators to control their networks based on the smart grid principle.

The huge advantage vis à vis existing options, such as mobile telephony, WiFi and microwave radio relay, is that the customer’s own infrastructure is used. The powerline modem means there is no dependence on external providers, on excessively full channels, or on frequency bands that are prone to malfunctions. This results in lower running costs and a greater level of reliability in terms of transmission.

By using narrow band technology, data transmission over several kilometres is possible. The integrated medium voltage intranet (MVI) technology allows the connection of several hundred substations and transformer stations by spreading out PLC sub-networks which are frequency selective. As a result, larger network segments can be fully integrated to the most remote station in their own IP network (intranet).


  • Creating own IP networks (intranet) via medium-voltage lines
  • Communications in smart grids
  • Monitoring stations
  • Remote meter reading


  • OFDM data transmission at data rates of 8 kbps to 128 kbps
  • Data transmission over several kilometres
  • A high level of immunity to unknown frequency responses in energy lines in the medium voltage network
  • Significant resistance to additive noise and interference signals in the medium voltage network
  • Superb reliability, availability and accessibility through dynamic-frequency and power allocation
  • Safety margins and bandwidth can be adjusted and changed
  • Ethernet with layer-3 to layer-5 protocols
  • Capacitive and inductive coupling
  • Can be used in overhead lines and buried cables
  • Low power consumption
  • Bigger temperature range -25°C to +70°C


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