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Support in planning communications networks

We can offer you a one-stop solution, tailored to your demands, regardless of whether you want to expand or modernise your infrastructure.


  • Briefing customers on the basics regarding conventional, performance-centred data transmission and packet-driven IP technology
  • Upgrading and modernising VFT networks
  • Creating migration concepts while maintaining or converting existing telecontrol protocols
  • Cost-effective and technically enhanced telecontrol networks
  • Transmission processes: Sub-rate multiplexers, DSL, LWL, VPN via IP, mobile telephony, X.25 via ISDN, powerline
  • Answers to questions about telecontrol protocols (e.g. IEC 60870-5-101/104)


  • Replacing and expanding telecontrol networks
  • Remote meter reading
  • Integrating other services: dispatching, analysis, service etc.
  • Transmitting energy, communicating between different networks with different protocols