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Replacing serial transmission technology with packet-driven communication while maintaining existing services

Existing telecontrol networks often have dedicated transmission technology, for example VFT modems in the voice band or multiplexer systems. Modernisation of this transmission technology is worthwhile thinking about considering the extra services requested, such as IP telephony, IP cameras, or features like network monitoring and management, and in particular suitability for current, IP-based telecontrol protocols. DSL transmission for copper lines, or optical communication via optical fibre are normally chosen.

As a result, in many cases not just the transmission technology, but also the telecontrol technology would have to be replaced due to the underlying incompatibility. This doesn’t just entail high costs, vast logistical complexity and therefore long periods of downtime, but it also can’t happen step by step. Devices in the HY104 series aren't just state of the art in terms of modern Ethernet transmission via DSL and/or optical fibre, they also offer a transmission feature for legacy communication via the serial interface (RS-232, RS-485). This allows serial communication in the form of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh networking. Therefore, the existing telecontrol protocols can be transmitted via the new transmission network.

Thanks to this serial transmission functionality, existing telecontrol devices can be retained while the communications network is replaced by HY104 devices with modern transmission procedures that boost the benefits of packet-driven communications. The transmission network can be updated successively. Because current IP-based telecontrol protocols are supported, the control centres and telecontrol facilities can be modernised in due course. When stations are modernised one after the other as required, there is no need for the serial transmission function. And the HY104 concerned stays a pure Ethernet transmission device.