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Download useful files and documents for HYTEC products here. The download section includes operating manuals, firmware, supplementary files like SNMP MIBs, automated scripts, templates and other files.


Title Filesize Type
Brief Instruction IPoMV 2.2 MB pdf
Command Reference HY104 3.3 MB pdf
Manual HY101-SWT 125.8 KB pdf
Operating Manual HY104 3.3 MB pdf

Application Notes

Title Filesize Type
Application Note HY101-SWT (only in German) 108.3 KB pdf
Application Note Konvertierung IEC-104 (only in German) 292.1 KB pdf
Interop Logem LGM 1200MD (only in German) 112.7 KB pdf


Title Filesize Type
Presentation IPoMV 2.4 MB pdf
Technical Presentation HY104 2.7 MB pdf


Title Filesize Type
HY104 SWOPS v1.37.31 0.98 MB zip
HY104 SWOPS v1.38.12 1.81 MB zip


Title Filesize Type
Auxiliary SNMP MIBs 175.4 KB zip
HYTEC-MIB 32.3 KB txt


Title Filesize Type
HY101 Product Photos 728.9 KB zip
HY104 Product Photos 1.8 MB zip
HY104 Symbols and Front Views 1.6 MB zip
HY104 Tender Specs 5.1 KB zip
IPoMV Product Photos 370 KB zip

Automated Scripts

Title Filesize Type
HY104 Config Read and Write HTTP 1.7 MB zip
HY104 Config Read and Write TFTP SNMP 445.8 KB zip
HY104 Device Info SNMP 3.2 MB zip
HY104 Device Reload Later HTTP 2.6 MB zip
HY104 Device Reload SNMP 300 KB zip
HY104 Firmware Update HTTP SNMP 3.8 MB zip
HY104 Firmware Update TFTP SNMP 442.4 KB zip