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Customised software

Does your infrastructure need customised solutions? Then contact us. We’ll create tailor-made concepts and help you to implement them.


  • Understanding customised requirements
  • Creating specs with the parties concerned
  • Producing software at HYTEC and implementing it on the platform in question
  • Commissioning and conducting trial runs at HYTEC
  • Installation on the customer’s premises including trial runs
  • Briefing customers, e.g. with remote configuration and remote monitoring
  • A hotline for customers for day-to-day operations and should malfunctions occur


  • Customised software for all HYTEC products
  • Customised remote configuration of devices
  • Customised software for remote monitoring of the devices
  • Network-management commands and reports in the devices
  • Network management with a graphic interface
  • Adapting devices to specific types of telecontrol protocols